Sunday, 18 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Hello fellow bloggers and readers!

I sincerely apologise for my lack of content recently as I have been snowed under with college coursework and have plenty of work to be getting on with over Christmas. Most of my focus however, will lie in my report on the British Film Industry and I have all the material I need for it now so it's just a matter of cracking on. Other college-related things to be getting on with include a radio drama script about a girl who has just lost her parents, I have to write up a "careers guide" on the radio and print industry and a few pre-production elements to work on for factual programme production and project management.

Outside of college, I continue to go to BCB Radio on fridays to broadcast the feel-good factor at 1pm, work on my solo show on space and general intern bits and bobs. In terms of reading, I have now completely finished the Harry Potter series and was moved beyond belief, J.K. Rowling is who I aspire to be! Although, as a result of reading the books I cannot watch a single Harry Potter film without grimacing due to the sheer lack of detail featured in the books, however I cannot blame them for not being able to match the impeccable quality of J.K. Rowling's imagination.

 I am currently working through Beginning theory by Peter Barry and I have learnt such an awful lot from him, I can't decide which kind of literary criticism I like the best although the concept of post-structuralism very eye-opening as I have always been pretty content going about my life with my own personal perspective of reality. Other reading I have done recently was The Crucible by Arthur Miller and despite already reading it in Secondary school, was pleasantly surprised with its political and religious references which I hadn't previously appreciated. I am now re-reading Animal Farm by George Orwell which I imagine I will get through quite quickly when I have a spare moment but I find it very hard to get through on a day-to-day basis due to its mercilessly bleak outlook on life and the human race. Once I have read both Beginning Theory and Animal Farm I will then go on to re-read To Kill a Mockingbird and Edgar Allan Poe's works - I feel that I need to refresh my memory on these classics that I loved so much at one point or another. Before I start uni, I would like to get through all the books in my house that I haven't yet finished including The Time Travellers Wife, Pride and Prejudice, War of the Worlds and The Hobbit. I know for a fact that my mum's got me 1001 books to read before you die so after all said books are read, that is the challenge I will uphold.

In my next entry, I will formally discuss the New Year and the resolutions that come with it but for now I just wanted to keep you all updated with what I've been doing until something more interesting happens. From now until the 31st I just plan to get my work done so I doubt I will be able to appreciate much in the way of media, but if there are any good Christmas films on I might sneak a cheeky film review in. In the mean time I wish you all a very happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Quansa and a happy new year!

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