Monday, 12 September 2011

Slop Music

I am madly passionate about music but I am concerned about what is becoming of popular music, most worryingly of all the messages they send to their audiences. Music is everywhere - public spaces, within the privacy of the home, the internet, television, radio. There's no avoiding it and you'd probably encounter surprise if you weren't to come across any musical material. Therefore, as music is so unavoidable, people of all ages have access to its content including the young and impressionable.

From simply browsing on BBC Radio 1's top 40 chart I can see that right now Pixie Lott is right at the top with smash hit "All About Tonight". Try as I might, I find it extremely difficult not to slag off its content. It promotes reckless nights out on the town as the result of a girl being messed around by a guy for the last time. On the surface there's nothing wrong being "so over you" and it's good that you're taking those steps to get over him, the problem I have is that the song suggests you "grab someone if you're single, grab someone if you're not" which is obviously not okay. Instantly rebounding with someone you just met at a club is not good advice for someone who's had a hard time and is probably up for anything including risking their safety. On the note of safety, the song also ushers its listeners to "climb onto tables" simply because its all about tonight. Any person with common sense knows that after a few drinks, most likely in heels you can barely walk in never mind climb in, it is not advisable to clamber onto a predictably wet surface just to emphasise how over him you are. Such a stunt would either break your neck or at least get you kicked out of the club.

I'm not trying to target Pixie Lott specifically but the whole of modern pop and club culture in general. People may be unwilling to accept it but music subliminally affects us and influences our actions. Consequently, if our idea of good music is urging us to go out, get wasted and risk our safety then people are going to get hurt. Music is a public service and in my opinion its lyrics and musical content should reflect the atmosphere in a positive, non-lethal way.

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail