Saturday, 20 August 2011

Treat 'em mean, keep em' keen?

   I've had a really hard time trying to see sense in the phrase, to me there is no logic behind it. The definition of which being that if you treat your partner in a non-romantic way, they will be drawn to your arrogance and "power". I am sorry but what girl out there doesn't want to be swept off their feet, I would have a few things to say to the pigs that invented the phrase.

  I am in a relationship at the moment and I absolutely adore my partner, would do just about anything for him and I would like to think that I treated him thus - reminding him of my affections towards him. To deliberately do the opposite is not only deceitful but unkind and I don't understand how it would get a relationship anywhere. I've read guys that wouldn't buy women drinks in bars because if the girl's interested then she's interested, drink or no drink and yes I would agree with you on that but surely to offer the girl a drink is the more thoughtful and noble thing to do?

  I'm not trying to drag morals back to the middle ages where it would be impolite not to put your jacket down on the wet ground just so your ladies tootsies wouldn't get wet. I'm just imploring men to look into their hearts and ask themselves, where has the gentlemen era gone? There are too many black and white movies out there reassuring us that there is a prince charming in even the smarmiest of men to not find the "age of the dickhead" concerning.

  On the other hand, no one person in a relationship should be put on a pedestal and doted upon. That is  unless you don't mind an one ego-inflating nightmare floating upon your horizon. Obviously, there should be equality between two people and that is the principle I'm fully supportive of. The problem I have (and I tried not to make this particularly gender-biased, I'm talking as a woman) is when men feel emasculated by offering attention, affection and frankly goodies and so just don't. In conclusion, I just wish that before people go out of their way to be inattentive on purpose towards their partner, they tried a little empathy. If someone loves you, surely you'd want them to show it?

His Girl Friday (1940)

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